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Lake Highlands Community Garden, established in 2008, is located on city-owned property behind the Environmental Health Services and Code Enforcement building located near the intersection of Goforth and White Rock Trail. Drive through the parking lot to the back. The location address is 7901 Goforth Road Dallas, TX 75238. Note: This is NOT a mailing address.

LHCG's e-mail address: lakehighlandsgarden@gmail.com

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Local Garden Centers and Businesses

Links to pages and contact information for DFW area plants & pest control. LHCG does not endorse or recommend any of these business, this listing is for information only. Businesses

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1   Link   North Haven 12 Months Gardening Guide
This link is a wonderful 12 month breakdown of what to do to prepare, plant, harvest, etc.
2   Link   TX AgriLife Extension
This site has a pdf enabled article from James Robinson, there are NONORGANIC information, but also beneficial info of how to interrupt the life cycle and the contol of pests
3   Link   Dirt Doctor - monthly schedule for gardening
Guidance from Howard Garrett - What to do in Your Organic Garden and Monthly Organic Garden Maintenance

4   Link   Tx Agricultural Extension Service - Pest ID site
5   Link   City of Mesquite-Compost
Call before you go to make sure they have compost available. "We were able to get a truckload of pretty good compost from the city of mesquite for $10 the link is here if case anyone is interested" - BJ Bonnett, fellow gardener. http://www.cityofmesquite.com/solidwaste/compost_facility.php
6   Link   TX A&M - Dept. Entomology
This site is dedicated to Integrated Pest Management for the home vegetable garden. IPM uses four key strategies to control pest damage while fostering environmental awareness and stewardship.
7   Link   North Haven Gardens
Local Garden center with organic pest control, soil, many veggie plants and an axcellent monthly calendar for planting
8   Link   Living Earth Technology
Living Earth is the largest manufacturer and provider of mulch, compost and other landscaping materials in Texas, as well as Texas' largest recycler of green material. We operate 19 locations in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth and Pineland, selling to commercial landscaping contractors, nurseries and homeowners. Living Earth’s product offering includes a variety of mulches, composts, blended soils, soil amendments and convenience items such as stone, gravel and river rock.
9   Link   Soil Building Systems
SBS is the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of high quality organic composts, soil mixes, mulches and specialty products, serving Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex landscape professionals and gardening enthusiasts since 1972. For thirty-four years SBS has developed products that help plants cope with the demanding soil and environmental challenges in the Metroplex. Through extensive research and testing, SBS has perfected the techniques that consistently produce top performing materials
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