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Lake Highlands Community Garden, established in 2008, is located on city-owned property behind the Environmental Health Services and Code Enforcement building located near the intersection of Goforth and White Rock Trail. Drive through the parking lot to the back. The location address is 7901 Goforth Road Dallas, TX 75238. Note: This is NOT a mailing address.

LHCG's e-mail address: lakehighlandsgarden@gmail.com

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About our Gardens
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  • MAIN GARDEN   ( 3 Articles )

    The Main Garden consists of 89 plots of various sizes arranged over two acres.

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  • DONATION GARDEN   ( 0 Articles )

    The Donation Garden provides fresh produce to those in need, for more information about the garden, who we donate to and how you can get involved browse our articles.


  • BUTTERFLY GARDEN   ( 1 Article )

    The Lois Diggs Butterfly Garden was established in December 2009. With the help of the Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park, 22 Texas adapted host and nectar plants were donated to begin the process of establish a haven for our local butterflies. More articles will be added with specific information on plants you may want to add to your garden, the butterflies and their life cycle.

    butterfly garden

  • COMMUNITY HERB GARDEN   ( 0 Articles )

    The Community Herb Garden is a featured plot of many herb varieties from which registered plot holders can select samples for their home cooking.

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  • DEMONSTRATION GARDEN   ( 0 Articles )

    The Demonstration Garden is a plot at the entrance to the Main Garden dedicated to introducing new vegetable varieties after experimentation with their growing habits.

     051113 022 demonstraton garden - use for web

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