Lake Highlands Community Garden, established in 2008, is located on city-owned property behind the Environmental Health Services and Code Enforcement building located near the intersection of Goforth and White Rock Trail. Drive through the parking lot to the back. The location address is 7901 Goforth Road Dallas, TX 75238. Note: This is NOT a mailing address.

LHCG's e-mail address: lakehighlandsgarden@gmail.com

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Monarch at LHCG photographed by gardener Lee Paez in 2013

Visit Lake Highland Community Gardens' new Monarch Way

Station for their annual immigrations through Dallas


   Lake Highlands Community Garden has won a $400 grant from Native Plant Society of Texas to help

save the Monarch butterfly from extinction.  Whole Foods Inc. (Park Lane) award us an nearly $4,000 grant. 

The grants helped build a Monarch Way Station (a stop over place for their annual migrations).

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